No Worries!

Continuing the exercise I have set myself to re-read and blog my results from reading Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw.

This week has been a week of revision for me. Here is a summary of everything I’ve learned so far from the bug free mind process.

1. My mind was in a state of chaos. It still is sometimes but I’m getting periods of order more regularly now.

2. 15 seconds of positive thought growing to 15 minutes every day forms a habit of being positive.

3. The chaos begins to calm and order begins to form.

4. I Accept myself as I am.

5. I Love myself as I am.

6. I Accept What Is – my current life situation, relationships, career, and financial position.

7. I Surrender to What Is – all of the above and anything else I can think of.

8. I stay present and in the now as much as possible.

9. My dominant thought patterns are creating my day to day reality, my future. This explains the saying that “continuing to repeat doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity”

10. Stop worrying as what I worry about I will create.

11. Stop talking in terms of lack, poverty, sickness etc. So even if someone asks me “how are you?” the typical Irish reply is “not too bad” as if some sort of “bad” is normal, is what is expected.

12. The dominant day to day thinker in my head is my ego.

13. My ego’s primary message to me is “stay here, stay ignorant, you don’t need to be conscious, don’t move ahead, you don’t know what’s there, don’t progress, it will never work, not for me anyway, we know what it’s like here, it’s comfortable, we know we’ll survive here”.

14. All of 13 above is bullshit.

15. I state my desires as clearly as possible in writing. I attach as much positive emotion to them as possible while thinking about them.

16. I take whatever steps I can no matter how small in the general direction of my desires.

17. I focus on the outcome but stay away from “how” they will come about.

18. I then let go of the outcome. That is in the hands of the universe and it’s my job to enjoy the journey. That is when the law of attraction/creation really starts to kick in.

19. Never give up.


One paragraph from the book I found particularly helpful this week is this:

“Don’t judge yourself badly for all the years you have wasted because you worried. They are irrelevant as they are not now; the Universe gives us the lesson at the right time in the best possible way. If you are ready you will accept it today, if not then maybe a re-read now or after another dose of pain then you may be. The point is when is now the time to change? Just observe yourself now and allow change to happen.
Over the next few days, week s or months just observe your feelings, watch your worries, see them for the illusions they are and allow them to dissolve. You allowed them in, now you have to allow them to leave.

Until next time
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