Taking back control of our health

December 2017

Two stone down using Juice Plus for weight loss with a low calorie diet

Our introduction to Juice Plus for weight loss with a low calorie diet
In 2017 both Gerry and I turn sixty. When I was a kid, thirty seemed ancient. When I was thirty, sixty seemed a lifetime away. Here we are and my grandson asked me what age I was going to live to. He said he wanted to be old with me. I said maybe one hundred and fifty? OK, that might be reaching a little, but one thing I do want is that my golden years are as healthy as they can be.

So fifty nine may seem a little late to start thinking about my lifestyle and health. I visited a reputable Kinesiologist in 2015 and I took her advice. I felt that was a first step in taking control. My energy rose and I lost one and a half stone. However, August 2016, my doctor shocked me with the news that if I didn’t do something drastic to lose more weight and get my blood sugars under control, I would be on meds for diabetes. I was in the danger zone. She prescribed a book, The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet: Lose weight fast and reprogramme your body by Dr. Michael Moseley. I would suggest to anyone with raised blood sugars to get and read this book. Gerry had similar health concerns.

This was the kick up the – you know what – to motivate us to take action. I would prefer to be inspired butmotivation is the next best thing. We set off on an eight week, eight hundred calories a day diet – give or take a few calories. We went into our local health food shop, Trim and Healthy, and spoke to John there. John is an avid cyclist and he told us about the Juice Plus Complete organic, raw plant food, soya protein shakes which he himself takes. He pointed out to us that Juice Plus products are NOT weight loss products, however as part of our low calorie plan, they would make life a lot easier while making sure that we were getting a nutritious meal replacement. At 220 calories made with skimmed, coconut or almond milk, this would take care of breakfast – and another for lunch for Gerry. We tried both the Chocolate and the Vanilla shakes, opting for the Vanilla in the end. Instead of milk we used still water, a desert spoonful each of 0% Greek style yoghurt and a handful of blueberries – 159 calories.

We downloaded a free app called My Fitness Pal to record our progress, search for the calorific value of particular foods and to keep a food diary. We weighed ourselves at the same time before eating each morning and increased our water intake – I could only stomach sparkling water. We devised low calorie meals for dinner and for my lunch. Eight weeks later I had my blood tests and apart from losing two stone in weight, my blood sugar, liver function, iron levels and thyroid – I take Eltroxin for hypothyroid – were in the normal range. Gerry is due his soon and hopefully will show similar results!

We decided to become Juice Plus partners ourselves and have now added the three main capsules, berry, orchard and vegetable to our increased calorie diet. Energy levels are great, I’m sleeping better, nails, hair and skin has improved and I feel sharper than I have for years. We feel good that we can offer a product that we can stand over, that will benefit others and still help with our own income and possibly others down the line.

Feel free to contact me if you want to chat more: martinemurphy@yahoo.com

Website: http://martinemurphy.juiceplus.com