Sixty Shredding and Shedding

Me, shredding and shedding!

Daily, when scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, I ‘like’ various inspirational and uplifting words of wisdom or quotes. For a fleeting moment, they resonate within me, and then I’ve forgotten. Last week while watching ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ with my mother for the umpteenth time – and for mam, every time is the first – Sonny’s last words hit me! “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not, it is not the end.” These words have stayed with me, as I ponder where I am in this lifetime.

I turned 60 back in May. Strangely, it affected me more than the other significant birthdays to date. Not in a negative way but it marks the transition into my ‘Golden Age’. I remember my mother-in-law saying to me a few years ago that when she looks in the mirror, she sees a stranger because inside she is still in her twenties. I understand what she meant. Over the past year, mortality, including mine, has been something I’ve been pondering. My views on life, death and the meaning of it all has changed over the past decade or so and will probably continue to. Sonny’s words underlined this. I have a notion that I’ve incarnated many times and that I’ll continue many, many, many more. Not everyone will agree but that’s Ok. My own journey so far has led me to this conclusion. So, for me now, there is no rush to get everything done or make my mark on the world and no regrets. It’s a matter of feeling my way from now on in – listening to my gut, taking time to notice, to really listen to people, to feel my vibration change with the thoughts I choose to allow, to celebrate the little things, to smell the roses. It’s liberating!

Material things that I thought were precious I still appreciate, however, I also realise that many of the things I’ve accumulated are precious only because of their association with either the memory of a significant event, a loved one, or something I created myself. When I finally ‘croak’, none of that really matters and my loved ones will have the burden of deciding what to do with them. I’d rather not carry a lot of material things around with me for the rest of my, hopefully, long life. So, I’m shredding and shedding!!

Coincidently, I’ve been on a “Shred It with Help”, ten-day detox programme with the Irish Sculpt Movement to lose weight and shred some more unwanted bad nutrition habits. This past year’s journey with Juice Plus has been one of the better choices I’ve made. I haven’t been sick in that year, brought my blood sugars back into the normal range, brought my cholesterol down fourteen points, lost over three stone and recently I embraced vegetarianism. It seemed the next logical step. My wellbeing and health are about choices that I can make to optimise the chances of having a vital and meaningful remainder of my time on this planet…this time around!!

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