About Us

We are parents of of five grown-up children and grandparents to six not so grown-up children. We are living in Trim, County Meath, Ireland, a beautiful spot. Both of our lives have really been enriched through the works of many teachers and philosophers down the years, as we have grown and stretched together (spiritually and physically!). These have included gifted people like Louise Hay, Anthony de Mello, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Mike Dooley, Dr. Wayne Dyer and over the past few years, Abraham-Hicks and Andy Shaw. We are sure that there will be many more.

Despite life challenges, which have included violent loss and having to watch loved ones suffer needlessly, we know that the secret to ‘wellbeing’ is in finding a feeling of appreciation and wonder in each day.

It is our intention that this website, ‘Wellbeing in a nutshell’  will be a resource that will serve to inform, uplift and encourage people to leave the page with a sense of power and of having read or watched something that resonates well with them.

Our journey has lately brought us to the Juice Plus product range. Both of us were facing health issues. Both of our blood sugar levels were in the danger zone. Our doctor asked us to read a book by Dr. Michael Moseley – The eight week blood sugar diet. We went looking for a low calorie nutrient filled meal replacement for breakfast and Gerry’s lunch. John Murray in our local health shop, Trim and Healthy, advised us to try the Juice Plus Complete shakes. As an athlete he had been using both the capsules and shakes for a number of years.

We both lost two stone within two months and the doctor was delighted with our blood results. We were well within the blood sugar safe zone.  Since then we have added the berry, vegetable and fruit capsules to our daily diet. Both of us are entering our 60th year and have never felt better.  As a result, we became agents ourselves for the products and would encourage you to visit our website: http://martinemurphy.juiceplus.com and look at the videos, research and products. You have nothing to lose and possibly quite a lot to gain.



Some of the articles this website attracts may not reflect my personal ideas or beliefs, but we are aware that they may resonate with you. We understand the importance of diversity and it would be a very boring and unproductive world if we all thought and desired the same, however, we hope that when you read an article populated by this site, a word, a sentence or an idea will leave you feeling uplifted, curious or best of all, with a big smile on your face!

Best wishes,

Gerry & Martine

Email:  martinemurphy@yahoo.com  or  ger.murphy@gmail.com